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И еще про хакеров

  • 10th Sep, 2004 at 1:58 AM
Журнал Егора holmogor'а опять взломали, прогнали несколько последних его постингов через адольфычеподобный искажающий скрипт, запостили в таком стиле "зиг хайль", после этого журнал "засуспендили".

Вот здесь лежит файл с комментариями к первой взломанной записи - что я успел сохранить. Кто-то из этих юзеров, возмножно, "знает про это дело больше, чем другие".

Егор, над Вами тут, похоже, "целая артель" работает.


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emdrone wrote:
9th Sep, 2004 19:42 (UTC)
zlobny karlik is one of the bastards; the person with Lenin's photo is most probably another.

Holmogor asked avva for help in resporing his journal, but got a polite reply that LJ does make backups of their servers for their own use, but is unable to restore a particular journal.
For me, a computer professional that defeats the purpose of backups, but somehow I am NOT surprised.
This is the third direct attack on Holmogor recently, the first one came openly from Jewish extremists, and cooperation from an insider can be suspected.

I myself do not see why holmogor was picked out: he is not the best, most scathing, or most brilliant of the commentators. It might be personal, after all.

P.S. I'd suggest each of the users should use either a special program or built-in functionality of his Lj client to keep a full copy of his journal locally on his own computer.
Here is a stand-alone backup utility for Windows:
suhov wrote:
10th Sep, 2004 07:13 (UTC)
что-то она какая-то странная
она у вас работает?
emdrone wrote:
10th Sep, 2004 09:52 (UTC)
After download and unzipping (do it in a separate directory), you start the utility, then:
(a) type the name of your journal
(b) Press "index" - it will download the URLs of your articles
(c) Next, press "Get" - it will download your journal.

I have not checked, but you might need to unprotect your entries (make all of them public) to back them up.
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