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Пучина грехопадения

  • 19th Dec, 2001 at 12:16 AM
А вот какой "сорт" дневника я вел во время ухаживания за О.С.:

Friday, September 18, 1998
Started final preparations very early in the day: change of reservation for Eden (to be able to use the room before 2pm the next day), buying a new jacket to replace the old Lucky Goat one, ending up buying new black jeans too (not yet knowing they will be taken away by OC). Get some bath oil, shampoo for "brunette horses". Bring all the stuff home & hide it carefully. Wait till E. has gone to bed.

Saturday, September 19, 1998

1 am: start taking a bath - to kill time. Packing. Finally, at around 3 am realise there is nothing more to do. Still too early. Not being able to invent another way to kill time. Falling asleep for an hour, waking up at 5:16. Leaving home within minutes, walking to Paddington in the darkness. Train to Heathrow. I am the only person on the train, by I still get thrown out of the first class. Not being able to sit down for more than a second. Trying to find a way how to shut down the stupid monitor, showing the latest Clinton. Arriving at Heathrow. Long way to the Arrivals, suddenly a lot of people standing there, in front of the gates. Monitors with flight information facing the wrong way - so that only people who come from the other side of the gate can see it. Finding a good place very near the gates. Waiting for an hour, still waiting. OC appears - recognise her immediately, even before she actually materialise in front of me. OC avoids a kiss in lips, but instead puts all her available arms around me, through the barrier. The hands. The smell of her hair. The face. Put my bag on the same trolley, take OC for a cigarette. OC says the flight was all right (I can't imagine how a flight can be anything other than a nightmare, but I attribute that to my hate for aircraft). OC doesn't believe a cigarette end will stop burning when you place it in a vertical position. Eventually she agrees & put her cigarette near mine. Two cigarette ends, one of the first attributes of two items, side by side, making One. Take OC for coffee, asking her to tell me if she sees anything where they do coffee. OC directs me to a non-smoking coffee shop, says "Americano", when I attempt to order "two Americanos" she panics because she wants a cappuccino. Get a cappuccino for OC & a black coffee for me. The alarm goes off whilst they try to make an announcement which nobody can hear. We stay at the table, talk about everything. After coffee we follow blue arrows on the floor that say "Heathrow Express", but manage to get slightly lost. Eventually get the train. The 15 minutes journey feels like 15 seconds. Arrive at Paddington, get a black cab which OC adores: in the cab she stretches her legs. Cab stops just before the hotel, but we walk the opposite way. Finally we return, find Eden, find the lift but it looks too small. Instead, we walk to the second floor, the key doesn't work but a member of the hotel staff opens the door for us using her universal all-doors-in-the-world key. OC sits on the bed, I give her the ring. She looks very closely at it, hiding her face. I can't see her reaction. She doesn't say anything, but put the ring on her finger. Then she gives me the small travel-style icon. After the exchange of presents we look out of the window, talking about what we see, mainly the pigeon who took the whole tree in his possession. Then we go out of the window, talk more about us. Even make tea? Smoke. Then we kiss. The kiss becomes a very long sequence of kisses. Take each other's clothes off, but very slowly, exchanging kisses between losing each item of wear. Both wearing black underwear (to match our black outwear). Finally we find ourselves in bed, where - - -