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A dream for her

  • 25th Feb, 2002 at 9:34 AM
I had a dream last night. In it there was a young woman, significantly younger than I – you could say she was almost a girl. And yet she was a woman, the kind who knows what she wants from a man and how to get it. Maybe it was you – sometimes in a dream it is difficult to tell exactly who is who.

The whole development revolved around the lovemaking. As it happens in a dream, at times it was almost it, at other times the development would be shifted across into another dimension from where the whole game would have to start again.

I cannot tell why she loved me, at least why she loved me as much as to stay with me for the entire length of the dream as we struggled to make love. I only remember the feeling of suspense, of tenderness and vulnerability. As if every second our story could end miserably. For instance, she could decide she did not want my company any more, she could realise I did not love her enough, or she could simply dematerialise. Of all, this particular method of maintaining the high level of suspense is, probably, the best.

Because in that dream she had the absolute power over me – something that I observe very rarely these days in a woman. And yes, we did manage to do it in the end, but I remember very little of that. Some scattered visual fragments that reminded me the style of your photography, some quick captures of the impossible feeling of liberation, some insights into the world of love, of what a loving, beautiful woman may look like when she…

I do remember the afterwards, though. She said we could go for a walk and so we did. She was still near me all the time, her arms around me, but now it was a different kind of near – the one that knows no physical distance, no logistics, no worries any more - and no reasoning. The proper one.


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la_fille wrote:
25th Feb, 2002 03:12 (UTC)
very beautiful dream...
perhaps you miss someone...
nasha_sasha wrote:
25th Feb, 2002 03:15 (UTC)
Don't we all?
la_fille wrote:
25th Feb, 2002 03:21 (UTC)
Certainly, we do all. But I when I see such dreams I usually know the names of men...

I really liked your story! Thank you!
nasha_sasha wrote:
25th Feb, 2002 03:24 (UTC)
You are most welcome :-)
There will be more, probably.
la_fille wrote:
25th Feb, 2002 03:28 (UTC)
That's great! Thank you!
I liked your style! (Well, I always like your style) But in this case it was much better.
You know, I also wanted to post my dreams but then gave up that idea. I thought it was too obvious.
But today I've understood i was wrong.

So now I post "the man from the past" for friends-only.
I wish these stories were as interesting as your dreams. :))
lucy_d wrote:
25th Feb, 2002 14:44 (UTC)
i just noticed you added me to your friends list
& thought i should let you know that i don't use this username anymore, only this one.

not that i'm writing anything halfway as interesting as you.
but incase you wanted to know, there you go.

nasha_sasha wrote:
25th Feb, 2002 15:07 (UTC)
Thank you. I have already realised you had 'moved houses', so I will be your friend there now. You are my first UK contact so far, by the way...
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