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For once.

  • 27th Feb, 2002 at 12:34 PM
How I would put my hands on a girl, you ask?

It depends. If it was she, well. Then I wouldn’t. Not hands, not on her, not here. It’s all in one’s mind, you see. Hands don’t matter. What matters is why she is to be mine. If there is no answer to such question, the hands will only amount to nothing, or worse than nothing – misconception.

Then, why is she to be mine?

Because in me she will find the best possible audience for the kind of performance only I know she can deliver. She knows I know. I know she knows I know. Et cetera, simile.

Beyond that performance we dare not look. Because what awaits us there cannot be controlled by the power of our will. It is the same for an actor entering the stage of a theatre. He cannot change the world. All he can do is perform – & that is exactly why he is there.

Nonetheless, the world has a sharp pair of eyes that are kept constantly on any act that ever takes place, anywhere, by anyone. So it might just decide to change, for once.


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sterva wrote:
27th Feb, 2002 13:52 (UTC)
Very confused...
I didn't really understand, what is the reason of putting hands on a girl not in definition of "how" but "why" and why would you perform with her on a stage... I was reading your post three times and still being confused with the cloudiness of your thoughts:))) Or this is your thoughts about "if"?
nasha_sasha wrote:
27th Feb, 2002 14:32 (UTC)
Re: Very confused...
Because 'why' derermines 'how', does it not?

Performance, metaphorically speaking :-)
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